The Reckoning

DeuxLooks - the reckoning

I used to be so good at inventory management. Constantly culling stuff I no longer wore and ruthlessly deleting items that had seen better days. These days? Nope, I’m just watching the number creep up and up. It’s bugging me. It’s time for an inventory reckoning. I want to get rid of between 2,000 – 6,000 items. I know I can do it, but finding the time is the challenge. When I log in, I just want to style.

DeuxLooks - the reckoning

In the spirit of trying to work with my enormous “too blog” folder and not take in any more inventory, I give you a look that only features 3 new items (not to mention my updated LeLutka head – which now features, “beast teeth” ??): skin applier, blazer dress and tote. I love! It’s definitely feeling like fall where I live and I couldn’t resist an early fall style. By the way, the bag is great but would be better with something inside it!


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