Variety is my spice of SLife

variety is the spice of life

For me, experimenting with fashion and beauty in SL is very exciting. It allows me to really stretch and create a variety of styles that I find inspiring and beautiful. Adrian says, “well it looks good but it’s not you.” But you see, it is me. Ultimately every style on my blog is “me” in the realest sense in fact. I love marrying variety in SL; it’s the spice of my SLife.

variety is the spice of SLife - DeuxLooks

I enjoyed styling both contrasting looks with mesh heads by Genesis Labs (both are group gifts, btw) and a few items of new apparel from Emery available at Uber. How talented is Sunami Beck???

variety is the spice of SLife - DeuxLooks


  • Head: Genesis Labs Maya
  • Hair: Moon Ethereal *new*
  • Earrings: LaGyo Anantha (gold) *@ The Seasons Story*
  • Choker: Mandala Fearless (gold set)
  • Bracer: Mandala Fearless (gold set)
  • Top: Emery Camila Bone Front Split Top *new @ Uber*
  • Jeans: Emery Kerr Jeans (dark) *new @ Uber*
  • Shoes: Essenz Cape Town


  • Head: Genesis Labs Sunny 2.0 *new VIP gift*
  • Hair: [e] Brooklyn *new*
  • Hat/veil: Chocolate Atelier JoJo Beige
  • Dress: celoe Kess (no longer available)
  • Tote: Zenith Sledge Leather
  • Shoes: JD Polly (nude – Maitreya)


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