Two Lius

two liu's - DeuxLooks

This is Liu Wen, new mesh head from Genesis Lab at Kustom9. For this gacha, you have to *really* decide ahead of time if you want to put all that money into the machine to get the one useful item. What good is a skin applier or eye makeup HUD for an Asian-head when you don’t have the head to go with it? If it’s a “meh, I don’t totally LOVE it,” then just best to leave it alone.

two liu's - DeuxLooks

This is actually the second Liu Wen-inspired head in my inventory. “Right Liu” was made by Melania, now Milan by MilanJones, and tbh, I am not sure if you can purchase it anymore but perhaps when she opens her new in-world store. If you’re not up on model trivia, Liu Wen is a well-known Chinese fashion model; maybe the most globally successful Asian model ever. “Right Liu” is actually far more like the actual Liu, but “Left Liu” and indeed the Two Lius are both heads I will wear again.

two liu's - DeuxLooks

I did a casual/smart split for my styles today. I do love a good hat and this is one of my favorites from tres blah. Also there is a big sale at OVH and most of the store inventory is on sale for $50L 😮 It’s a good time to go!


  • Head: Genesis Lab Liu Wen *new @ Kustom9*
  • Appliers: Genesis Lab Various (gacha) *new @ Kustom9*


  • Hat: Tres Blah Audrey Hat
  • Hair: Little Bones Tempest
  • Pearls: Zenith Vintage Pearl Necklace
  • Dress: OVH Pencil Dress (ice) *sale*
  • Sandals: ISON Laced Up Gladiators
  • Ring: Paper Couture Diamonds and Pearls
  • Clutch: OVH Galha Clutch *sale*


  • Hair: Elua Brenda
  • Top: Seul Cutout Turtleneck *new @ Kustom9*
  • Skirt: Seul Safari Lace-up Skirt *new @ Kustom9*
  • Boots: Baiastice Pointed Knee Boots (coffee) *new @ Uber*
  • Bag: sYs Camelia bag *new*