Cruel Odds and Trips Not Taken

I was supposed to be leaving for England and Amsterdam this coming Sunday but illness will more than likely keep me home. It’s been a rough winter in terms of getting sick constantly, but hey, Spring is on the way or so I hear. Trips not taken…

cruel odds - DeuxLooks

While I usually kvetch about The Arcade every season, I will say that being able to shop relatively easily from some sort of boat in between the sims made it much more enjoyable. I still get in and get out really quickly because gacha is not my thing, but I did find a machine that I absolutely fell in love with from Reverie. I probably would have bought every single thing were it not for the cruel odds of gacha, but I very much heart this collection. So delicate and pretty. Still looking for a rare, so hit me up if you can help!


I then went to visit the main store, where there is smallish selection of apparel and accessories, but not much (any?) jewelry. I would love to see more!


  • Skin: Birdy Sienna (pure – shown with contouring, lip gloss and basic eyeliner)
  • Lashes: Mai Bilavio Mai Essential Upper Lash (fluffy)
  • Hair: Tableau Vivant Myu (fades) *@The Arcade*
  • Bracelet: Reverie Box Of Charms Upper East Side Bracelet *@The Arcade*
  • Ring: Reverie Box of Charms Family Diamond Engagement Ring *@The Arcade*
  • Top: The Secret Store Mary Pleated Shirt (camel)
  • Jeans: Pixicat Klara Jeans (pink)
  • Flats: Sarah.Janes (blush) *@Shiny Shabby*
  • Weekender: Izzie’s Weekender (postcard)
  • Background: Rowne Berlin




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