this time last year

DeuxLooks - this time last year

This time last year I was on a fun summer holiday in Colorado IRL – drinking a lot of wine, visiting friends and eating way too much ice cream. This time last year I was also planning a serious flex of my Linden Wallet at the yearly Hair Fair in Second Life. Wow, times have changed. 2020 is the first year that Hair Fair had to be canceled, due to all the stresses and changes to people’s lives in the middle of a global pandemic (that still feels weird to type…).

So this time this year, I am celebrating a few things that were – and hopefully will be again: travel, ice cream, and shopping at Hair Fair, where I think I found this pretty hair from Analog Dog just one year ago. Glad I kept it! I hope the special event for a great cause will be back next year!

Speaking of coming back, I’ll be gone for the next couple weeks. Back to the beach for the last licks of summer, which are my favorite.