this is the time

DeuxLooks - this is the time

This is the time where things start to shift just a hint. The nights get the slightest tinge of fall. The sunsets are a little earlier. The midday sun is somehow less harsh. This is the time I usually look forward to, but this year, I wish summer would stay much, much longer. I don’t want to think about a fall and winter inside, quarantined. I want to stay outside as absolutely long as possible.

But this is also the time where I start to think about my fall wardrobe (that very few people will see this year…). IRL, I just hauled a metric ton of new items from the yearly Nordstrom sale. In SL, I’m already well on the way to embracing this fun transition period too.

The newest item from my look is my BoM skin, which is both new, and from a new-to-me creator too. The brand is Spicy and the skin is Ava, available at Salon52. I am wearing it on Ryn, but the ad shows it on Fleur. I tried it on my Nova and Erin heads too…notice the head I didn’t try it on? Korina. But I plan to 😉