Tbh I might as well have gone naked

I am wearing a sleek bodysuit that I picked up despite the “5 minute rule.” I’m sure there’s some good reason (??) why creators limit the ability to properly demo things – maybe due to content theft? But man, whomever decided 5 minutes was adequate while fighting lag at a crowded event and everything’s grey but if you leave, you can’t get back in – isn’t apparently a “just opened” shopper.

In 5 minutes you can *maybe* attach a demo but good luck switching colors or anything else useful. Thi is just one of the many reasons I prefer to shop at cam sims no matter what! Tbh, with the massive DEMO signs covering every inch of the item I’m trying on, and then the “5 minute rule,” I might as well have gone naked…

Well, that escalated quickly.

Skin Fair 2022

DeuxLooks - tbh, i might as well have been naked

Until I got notice of the media preview, I had no idea there even was a Skin Fair this year. But I’m delighted to report that there is and it’s HUGE. I went to the preview – where several stores were still setting up – and picked up some early favorites, including this beauty from The Skinnery. I left with a respectable folder of “to blog” so there will be more to come…

Now, whether it’s before I go back to my parents’ for the week or after, remains to be seen!

Skin Fair runs March 11 and runs through March 28.



Head: LeLutka Inez

BoM Skin: The Skinnery Zoe **@Skin Fair**

Hair: ELIKATIRA Sonja **@TheFifty**

Earrings: (yummy) Dainty Circle earrings **@TheFifty**

Necklace: (yummy) Dainty Layered **@TheFifty**

Bodysuit: Clef de Peau Tina Bodysuit **@Anthem**

Kicks: Enchante Jacey Sneakers