Tag: Second Life Fashion

It does say “basic”

This little ensemble is called “Basic Coat Outfit.” Quite cute even though there’s not much to it. After all, it does say basic on the ad. I bought it because there’s something to be said for basic. A palette you can build off of if you choose.  Navy and grey has always been one of my favorite combos so I… Read more →

All the girls love Alice

I don’t see my Alice kick ending anytime soon. I really wanted these boots, which come with the riding pants, and then I decided to wear both. I am a rider in my real life, with one very special horse I have had nearly his whole life (and mine!). I don’t typically wear my breeches and boots out for style’s… Read more →

Devil’s in the details

If you spend time really looking at what you’re wearing in SL, it’s remarkable the level of detail and realism you can find. I spent some time doing that with this dress from Lumiere, which at first blush is a pretty, delicate lace fitted dress. But there’s a lot more to it when you dig in. Read more →


IRL we all want to stay young looking, right? I know I obsess about this and buy all sorts of skin care and see all kinds of specialists that will aid in fighting off age when it comes. But in Second Life, I feel strange looking too young if that makes sense at all. I love trying all kinds of… Read more →