Sweet Treat

sweet treats

I am wearing the new face from The Skinnery, Hilde, available at The Seasons Story. I love how every face is incredibly distinct and striking, with natural brows and contoured cheeks. One of my favorite skinners in SL to be sure. To date, my favorites are Blair, Julie and Cristy, although honestly I wear every Skinnery face I have very regularly.


My maxi dress by Third Eye can be picked up for almost nothing at TDR Fusion. It’s like a sweet treat for your avatar. My hair is from Moon at The Seasons Story, as is my little daisy choker from [Buzz]. My boots, which you can barely see, are from On9 from Cila.

sweet treats2


The Look

  • Skin:The Skinnery Hilde barefaced (champagne) shown with lip tint *new @ The Seasons Story*
  • Hair: Moon Ginseng (ombres) *new @ The Seasons Story*
  • Choker: [Buzz} Daisy Choker (natural) *new @ The Seasons Story*
  • Dress: Third Eye Tiedye Maxi (cotton candy) *new @ TDR Fusion*
  • Boots: Cila Spring Heart Ankle Boots *new @ On9*