Pretty basic

DeuxLooks - pretty basic

It doesn’t get more basic than jeans and a sweater. I have very little to say about the look. Pretty basic. Basically pretty. I am wearing another very old system skin on my LeLutka head. The fun with BoM continues!

On the other hand…here’s something weird

On the other hand, I have a lot to say about what seems like an odd decision to no longer include demos as part of new skin offerings? My comments about the action were removed from the post (and the post is now gone too) so I never got any follow up. Is it because of content theft? Is it a ton of extra work? I don’t know a single person who would buy a skin from a creator without being able to try it on their head/shape. But you might. And if you do, let me know!

At any rate, though I find it weird (not to mention a bad decision from a business perspective), creators are the sole proprietors of their content and they can do whatever they think is best. In this case, I just don’t get it.