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Friday was soooo warm in Boston FINALLY. I spent most of the day nowhere near my computer with a much needed day off! I did manage to drop by the Xiasumi School Festival and grab some loot in the morning. I mostly got some cute hairs, which I am quite happy with.

my loots3

I found it a little hard to get around the event, with the narrow halls and such. I also couldn’t walk up any stairs, lol. However, the build is a ton of fun and I will try to spend more time there when crowds thin out a bit. I do love that there are items specifically set up to support the Save the Children Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief fund. My hair above on the right from [INK] can be found there (as well as inside the buildings).

my loots4

I don’t wear pastel toned hair terrible often, but I love this pretty mint. That’s one benefit to gacha, you try colors you might not pick otherwise and end up loving them. I played this machine from Due for like 5 minutes straight and got a ton of beautiful tones ^^.

my loots5

I am still playing with my new mesh heads…and really enjoying them! I am having trouble with the makeup appliers though. No matter what I apply, both my Aria and Ever heads have very thick eyeliner, and I prefer a less made up look. Suggestions welcome!

Hair in this post – ALL NEW from Xiasumi school festival

  • LCKY & Sweet Thing Thanako (brown/pink bows) gacha
  • Due Nozomi (browns)
  • [INK] hair Sakura (beige and mocha)
  • Blues Diana (natural fades)
  • Due Aoi (pastel 6) gacha
  • +elua+ Kahlua (ombre basics)





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