Just don’t look too closely

DeuxLooks - just dont look too closely

I love this look. Just don’t look too closely. If you do, you might see that my hand looks like my avatar aged about 45 years 😮 The hand is part of the jacket, so you choose the skin colour via HUD that best matches your avatar’s. I like the idea, but…um, just don’t look too closely. It’s a rare prize from M.Birdie @TheEpiphany.

DeuxLooks - just dont look too closely

Same goes for this skin applier from Revoul. It’s so pretty, isn’t it? But, this is an Omega skin that is advertised as fitting both Catwa and Genus heads, I think. If you’re wearing it on a Genus head, you may notice that the earlobes are really distorted like where the earring holes would be and the ears in general have some discoloration inside. It’s still super pretty as you can see, but just don’t look too closely.

Uber opened today and I quickly looked through the coverage on Seraphim. The main item that really jumped out at me is the new Genus skin applier from DeeTaleZ, which I had already demoed at the main store. Wearing the provided shape doesn’t produce the beautiful look shown in the ad, but I do expect to pick it up because as I mentioned, I’m on a Genus kick.

There are also two new LeLutka appliers from Glam Affair but I have found that the new appliers can look odd on my favorite Simone since they’re made for the newer heads, Aida, Piper, etc. Will try again and report back! TBH, I should be wearing Piper more anyway!


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