Eclectic Mix

DeuxLooks - eclectic mix

I could not be more in love with this whole eclectic mix. When I saw the hair/hat combo from Entwined, I knew I needed it – because I wanted to wear it with a shabby-ish dress, tights and tall boots (a look I would wear IRL if I could pull it off). Happily, Shiny Shabby supplied both the dress and the hair/hat! Who hasn’t been to this event lately? ./rasises hand. I didn’t actually know it was still around!

DeuxLooks - eclectic mix

I do miss the old shabby village set-up from the original Shiny Shabby – this looks like every other event. But, it’s very easy to traverse and cam shop. You can even hover shop, my preferred position to drain my wallet. Cheers to that!

A couple other items of special note:

  • I am blogging with poses from Amitie. The last few weeks I have been branching out beyond just my favorite, Bauhaus Movement, as LouLou is doing more clothing/accessories right now. I’m enjoying poses from Kirin and now Amitie for some variety!
  • My skin is new and very beautiful – once again from The Skinnery. <3
  • My freckles are new from DeeTaleZ
  • I cannot believe I am saying this, but I am really favoring my Genus head right now. I really needed a change and all the new skins for Genus allow me to really embrace variety!

I was actually excited to get out of bed today and blog this look. I love how it all came out!

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