DeuxLooks - deluxe

I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not here to talk about the bow (I’m still obsessed). I’m not even here to post another veiled reference to Ariana Grande, who I love and who clearly inspired this hair. Nope, I’m just here to be deluxe.

DeuxLooks - deluxe

Before I get into that, let me just say that I did not plan to get this Bold & Beauty skin since I was already set on picking up the new one from DeeTalez. But, I fell in love with it. It’s probably one of my most favorite skins in my collection for Genus heads. You can find it @Uber.


So back to Deluxe…I’m wearing this hair, which I wanted because I thought it came with a bow. It actually doesn’t, unless you buy the Deluxe HUD option, in addition to the standard pack that contains the hair and the color HUD. At first I thought, “oh that’s good deal – I get allllll the colours.” But how many of us want all those colours? I mean, would you buy the fatpack if there was an option? No, me either.

So what’s in the Deluxe pack? Well two really important components of what – IMO – should be in the standard pack: the hair accessory and the style HUD. Those are just baseline ways to use your purchase. Meanwhile, wearing the hair in 30 colours seems to me to be the deluxe option. Maybe that’s just me…?

The basic packs are $325L. All the colours, no style options and no hair accessory. The Deluxe HUD is $125L and contains the hair accessory, the hair accessory HUD, and the style HUD. So for $450L you get essentially a modified fatpack of colours.

YMWV as to whether you think the new pricing model (experiment?) is a good one for consumers. Clearly, it’s good for the creator. Because he’s been selling modified fatpacks for the last few weeks. I do think the packs are reversed in terms of contents, but you can’t argue that you’re not getting a ton of colour options either way you wear it.