Graceful Ribbons

The romantic in me will always be searching for tulle skirts, and tasteful, crystal beading, and graceful ribbons.

DeuxLooks - in search of graceful ribbons

Back when I was blogging the first time around SL, my never ending search of those bows was well documented. I don’t really do much Kawaii and I don’t RP as a kid, I just really love the addition of a graceful ribbon, particularly in my hair.

DeuxLooks - in search of graceful ribbons

I was messing around with some early fall fashions (practice for when it’s time, you know?) and they just seemed to be missing something. Then I realized, I have not seen any new hair releases with bows recently. Have you? I went back into my inventory and pulled out several of my favorite hairstyles with those graceful ribbons. I would love to see more, ok?

DeuxLooks - in search of graceful ribbons

So I am in search of ribbons and bows. Today, tomorrow and always … probably.


  • Head: Catwa Destiny
  • Applier: Essences Imani *@The Book of Daniel*
  • Lips: The Skinnery Backstage Lipstain (new gift)
  • Hairs: Diva Lana, Truth Lala, Lamb When, Elikatira Luloo
  • Scarves: BCC Miu Miu Mufflers


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