august slipped away

DeuxLooks - august slipped away

“August slipped away like a bottle of wine.” I feel like nothing truer was ever said of this summer. The whole thing was like a ghost. Thanks Taylor (yes, I am a Swiftie) for the inspiration. I guess it’s time to put away my shorts? This weekend we ate dinner outside (as you do, during a pandemic) and even heat lamps couldn’t keep us comfortable. Brrrr.

But it IS supposed to warm up this week in Boston significantly and so I am celebrating with a comfortable, late summer style, led by a new BoM skin from Glam Affair (geesh, it’s rather young) and of course, another headband – this one from LaGyo. I’m holding on to every moment of light and warmth I can. Next week I’ll be back down the beach for a while and I expect to need sweaters for beach walks with our big dog!