As Promised

As promised, I still have on the new skin from Nar Mattaru I blogged previously. I also picked it up in the lightest shade (Ghost, I believe), which I will wear another day. I wish all my BoM skins came with dimple options. You’ll be seeing “Catherine” again and again (and again). As promised.

DeuxLooks - as promised

Elsewhere, I am delighted with this delicate sweater from Tres Blah, paired with leather trousers. The trousers are actually part of a full top/bottom outfit from ryvolter, but with the HUD, you can hide the sweater it comes with. I Paired it all with ankle boots from Eudora, which I picked up in the brown/reds pack, but there really should be an option for a “basics” pack or something that has both black and brown textures. In fact, you can’t buy these boots in singles at all. Only (sort of strange) color packs and fatpacks. But just look at them. So well done!!

That’s it for now. Back soonish?