Rustic Apple Tart

DeuxLooks - rustic apple

I am aware I look like a slice of apple pie. It wasn’t really planned, but this style did take shape on a day where I went to Trader Joe’s specifically for their famous rustic apple tart (and cheap roses) only to be told it was “done for the season.” BEFORE THANKSGIVING? WTF? That’s UN-American. They were also out of spiced pumpkin pie…I need to move.

So I am currently sampling other apple pies/tarts to bring home for Thanksgiving in a couple weeks. Last night, I tried a slice with…peanut butter cup Halo Top ice cream. If you don’t know what Halo Top is, it’s a low sugar ice cream that’s still dreamy. Who knew apples and peanut butter would go so well together? I’m guessing everyone. But this was my first time.

Of all the random things I have rambled about here over the years, this is the random-est. Apologies.