Appreciate. Express. Express. Appreciate.

For any of you who remember me from when I was deep in the blogosphere, I used to blog Last Call’s (and other well known designers) designs. I was always very careful to not put them on my blog too early – especially from artists as popular as Last Call, ETD, Maitreya, Celestial Studios, etc were/are. For one thing, if you’re too early teasing something that isn’t yet available, people get annoyed. In addition, too much teasing can backfire if there is overexposure early on (a particular headpiece from a renowned hat maker comes to mind…). That said, some amount from select influential outlets is very effective for sales, clearly.

Over the last week, I have been eagerly anticipating the Shiny Shabby event. Having just returned to SL recently, this is especially exciting as it looks like the designs fit perfectly within my style wheelhouse. That is, I am an old soul. I flock to simple, romantic and especially feminine designs and decor that express who I actually am as a real person (not an imagined character in a game). The organizers have done a truly masterful job creating a unique feel for this event. Since I returned I haven’t been as excited to experience an event, but get the items at the event. This time, I want to experience both and I can’t wait!

By the time I get into Shiny Shabby, I will be behind because it will take me ages to get in.  This is fine – waiting is what most of us have to do after all.  But as a blogger (and yes, I realize I am not even a tiny bit as popular as I was back then – especially just coming back), I want to be able to show things relatively quickly and within context – without feeling like I am showing everything that has already been featured and likely more creatively than I will show them. Does that make sense?

My talent is putting together styles and showing the designs clearly as I see them in world. I am not a photographer or post-processing genius. My passion is expression of my and appreciation of others’ style. I can appreciate a more edgy style and when it’s my turn to express my own interpretation, it will be very different.  That’s the beauty of this hobby we call fashion blogging. Express. Appreciate.

So, as I try to figure what my place is in this brave new world of fashion blogging, I am definitely looking for feedback. Feel free to drop me a notecard or IM in world – or leave a thought here.