Unconventional Beauty

I talk a lot about interesting beauty, where imperfections replace perfection, “flaws” are the best part, and unconventional beauty trumps all. With literally thousands of “beautiful” items available every day in Second Life, I think a lot about how to bring my true self into my styles in this virtual world where we can be perfect all the time if we choose. I am definitely an unconventional beauty IRL too btw…

unconventional - DeuxLooks

Separately, with Skin Fair early access happening now, I’m looking forward to refreshing my entire skin and applier inventory tbh. That said, unless there are soon more heads on the market for my favorite skinners to outfit, I can’t see getting too many appliers. They’re all starting to look alike to me. So far, only seen a few that are even remotely different than what’s already available. It has to be hard to paint for the same canvas, no?

unconventional - DeuxLooks


  • Skin: The Skinnery Simone (rich berry – champagne)
  • Hair: Little Bones Viola *@Collabor88*
  • Flower: LODE Phebe (light pink) *@Shiny Shabby*
  • Earrings: Tracei Reign Du’Pont (honey)
  • Bracelet: Reverie Box of Charms Upper East Side Leather Bracelet *@The Arcade*
  • Dress: Stories & Co by Flowey Audrey Dress (Maitreya – Cream) *@Collabor88*
  • Heels: Ingenue Oksana Heels (ivory) *@The Arcade*


  • Skin: Deetalez Esther (european)
  • Hair: Little Bones Tara *@Fameshed*
  • Earrings: Yummy Double Diamond Studs
  • Brooch: Chica Chica Boquete Silver *@Shiny Shabby*
  • Sweater: Fashionably Dead Floral Collar Sweater (pink) *@Collabor88*
  • Skirt: Fashionably Dead Leather Spring Skirt (gray) *@Collabor88*
  • Socks: Atomic Spring Frill Socks *@Collabor88*
  • Heels: fri.day Macey Platforms (blush)
  • Bag: C’est la vie Julia (wine) *new*


  • Skin: DS’ELLES Mei Lih (medium)
  • Lips: Angelica Ming Ming Lipstick (t – pink)
  • Eyeshadow: Angelica Fresh Spring (pink)
  • Hair: Vanity Hair Two Flowers *new*
  • Dress: ISON Dahlia Dress (Maitreya – all colors) *@Collabor88*
  • Heels: Essenz Congo (peach) *@Shiny Shabby*
  • Rings: Yummy Flower Ring Set *@Collabor88*



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