This or That

DeuxLooks - this or that

I was going through my “to blog – bags” folder to see if anything sparked joy and I bumped into this bag…twice! I completely forgot that I had picked up the left version – from Arnaud Haus – for full price at an event, and the other on the right – from [DDL] – at a weekend sale. I’m usually game for a well done RL bag remade for SL. The Arnaud Haus version is far closer to the RL bag (Jimmy Choo, btw). It also has multiple realistic pose options, and is appropriately named for the RL bag it’s inspired by, the “Cloud Clutch.”

Jimmy Choo Cloud Embellished Clutch
DeuxLooks - this or that

Another RL-inspired bag that I love in SL is the iconic Hermes Birkin, remade with care by Vive Nine ryvolter. Even if I could afford one IRL, I’d still choose to buy another horse instead. Priorities! This or that!?! For me, that one is particularly easy.