This is the end

DeuxLooks - this is the end

…of summer. Another summer gone and I cannot believe how quickly it flew past me. Maybe because I spent so much of it on crutches with a borked ankle! Anyway, as we start the transition into fall, I’m really into soft layers – even in summer colors still. I also love a good structured bermuda short. I fatpacked these from COCO @Uber but holy hell, not HUD driven and every color is a different folder of stuff. It adds serious heft to my inventory -_-

DeuxLooks - this is the end

My gorgeous skin was an unplanned acquisition because I have been itching to get back into my Korina head. But thanks to this Mila skin from Lefort by Revoul, I’m back in Genus. In fact, I have found SO many great skins for Genus that my collection is seriously starting to have some depth. I have other new ones to blog from Bold & Beauty too.

It’s a long weekend in the US so I will be at the beach for the next several days. Don’t forget to wrap up your Hair Fair 2019 shopping with bandana day this Sunday.

Happy September and remember, even though this is the end, it’s also the beginning of the best fashion season all year round 😀