Testing 1,2,3?

DeuxLooks - testing 123

While I was away over the last week, my new, updated PC was completed. I had become so used to my 9 year old machine that sounded more like an approaching freight train than a PC, that this quiet is totally throwing me off. But of course I was eager to see if I could still take good snapshots in SL. I don’t use Photoshop or do any significant post processing for this blog so snapshots need to look as good as possible right out of the game.

DeuxLooks - testing 123

The verdict? Well these two snaps look OK, I think. TBH, everything is different and it’s going to take some time to find the right settings. I am far closer to luddite than erudite when it comes to optimizing for SL.

For now, I’m mostly worried that the system’s fans sound like they’re working extra hard when I load SL. Maybe the old machine was so loud I couldn’t hear what normal sounds like. I plan to ask later this week when I have a few things tweaked.

Until then…I’m thinking about an “Unpopular Opinionspost for next time. What else to do with my strong opinions about things that don’t really matter in a video game? Blog them, of course!


Testing 1, 2, 3?

  • Head: LeLutka
  • Eyes: Avi-Glam
  • BoM Skin: [the Skinnery] Polly (LeLutkaEVOX) toffee (shown with included lip tint)
  • Hair: Stealthic – Adore
  • Earrings: SIGMA/ Scarf hoop earrings **@Dubai**
  • Top: LEROY – Nimue Cropped [Perky] – Peach **@Uber**
  • Skirt: miss chelsea. Verity Skirt Legacy Fatpack
  • Heels: Pare.Swan Ballet Heel – Beige **@The50**