So predictable

DeuxLooks - so predictable

“Gillian is so predictable…” Maybe I am sometimes. Simple updo, scarf, great boot, bold bag. I guess if I have a formula that’s predictable it would include many/most of those items. I’m not sorry either. It’s predictably perfect, IMO 😉

DeuxLooks - so predictable

In some ways this look is “new week, old wardrobe” in that most of what I’m wearing is made up items I already had in my collection (many from M.BIRDIE). However, my hair (<3) and earrings are new from Collabor88. The earrings are part of the set I blogged last time from LaGyo, but the HUD doesn’t work at all so the earrings are stuck as colors I didn’t choose.

My real life (work, specifically) is really insane lately so I haven’t had a ton of extra energy or time to spend in SL. I also have an international trip coming up so I am not sure how much I will be here before then. I have a TON of hair to blog in particular. Maybe I’ll do a roundup later in the week before I leave.

But then again, I’m pretty predictable so probably not :p