Second Time Around

DeuxLooks - second time around

I wanted to continue on a preppy streak as I head down to the beach IRL (in the rain, ofc) and I remembered I had this cute high pony from Monso that needed styling. Score! I did a quick search to see if I had already blogged it, and low and behold, I had! But three years ago. Seems like the second time around is just as good or better. I guess if you’ve been shopping, styling or blogging SL for any length of time, you’re bound to see re-dos. The Chowon hair back then had the same name but of course technology in SL has changed dramatically. Chowon2 was just what I was looking for.

DeuxLooks - second time around

Similarly, I am sure I have purchased and blogged these types of items from COCO over the years, but here we are again. I can’t resist a crisp, preppy look – for sailing or watching polo? Two things I definitely don’t do IRL lol.

Have a great week! Be back sometime next weekend-ish.


  • Head: lel EvoX ZORA 3.1
  • BOM Skin: [the Skinnery] Antonia **@Uber**
  • Hair: [monso] Chowon2 Hair
  • Earrings: (epoque) Pearl Fret Earrings
  • Necklace: KUNGLERS – Aspasia necklace
  • Bracelet: Bauhaus Movement – Coco Bracelet
  • Sweater: COCO_SweaterOverStripeShirt(Navy) **@Uber**
  • Shorts: COCO_LinenFlareShorts(White)
  • Kicks: Nitropanic_WHITE Studs Sneakers
  • Bag: ryvolter :. Xylia Knot Bag