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Customer service matters. It really matters. IRL and SL alike. If you have a bad experience with a brand from a customer service perspective, you’re less likely to ever shop them again. When you have a good experience, it builds loyalty that is additive (with no ceiling or cap to how much loyalty you demonstrate).

Two recent positive experiences

I wanted to mention two positive experiences with SL brands in the last 24 hours. In my SLife, that’s highly unusual.

  1. Powder Pack LeLutka provided subscribers with a refund (8%) for a creator who didn’t deliver any product in this July round as promised. That might not seem like a big deal overall, but to me, it spoke volumes about their integrity as a brand. Willing to eat the cost and refund a large group of people to preserve their loyalty is no small decision.
  2. (fd) creator Toast Bard personally delivered an item to me that couldn’t be redelivered by usual means. This all happened without a notecard; without submitting an inquiry to a website that never gets replies; and without any other rigamarole and hoop jumping dictated by 8 tabs of “picks.” She simply did it. (Yes, don’t worry I also told her she needs a fatpack option!!!)

It made me that much more likely to continue shopping those brands in the future.

OK, but what are you wearing?

My desire for more LAQ appliers from more of my favorite skinners was answered by The Skinnery at this month’s Uber. I love this skin. So. Much. I wanted all the tones but they’re a tad too expensive to buy one-by-one. I’m also wearing one of the tops from aforementioned (fd), also at Uber. Toast has my number almost every time. Now, she needs to dial fatpack too 🙂

Find the rest of the credits below as usual…


  • Head: LAQ Bento Rebel
  • Skin: The Skinnery Sofi (toffee) *@Uber*
  • Hair: [monso] My Hair – Chowon (m/ back) *@Kustom9*
  • Earrings: [MANDALA] Cheerful Earring-Pink *@Uber*
  • Blouse: (fd) Romantic Satin Top – Blushed LARA *@Uber*
  • Shorts: .miss chelsea. Drew Shorts Maitreya Yellow *@N21*
  • Flats: Nutmeg. Not too shabby flats, Nude – Maitreya
  • Clutch: LaGyo_Eden Clutch – Tropical

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