Places to Go

DeuxLooks - places to go

Other avatars in Second Life apparently don’t realize I have places to go. Like to LeLutka where there’s a new (gift) head for the holidays. I’m still after that elusive Evo head that’s perfect for me tbh. I thought it was Nova, but it turns out it might still be older Korina. I am guessing older heads won’t be updated because they don’t generate new revenue – totally valid. So, I’ll be over here waiting to TP into the perpetually full LeLutka sim like I’ll be waiting to get a Covid Vaccine when available.

Hello, I love You

As for what I’m wearing while I wait, may I call your attention to this skirt? Hello, I love you. It’s new from Emery at Collabor88. Clearly, it’s pleated, tea length and a simple staple forever and ever amen. You likely already know how much I still love and wear this skirt from ISON (pre mesh bodies omg!) so you won’t be surprised that I fatpacked this one without hesitation too.

I will say there are a few less than perfect details – a mismatched seam here, a stretch in certain poses there, and a massive thud as the non-HUD-driven package hits your inventory for Maitreya and Legacy bodies – bloody hell! But I needed a new pleated skirt set and for blogging, this is really all I need. A single is only $188L btw, but YMMV!

Places to go!


PS – Taking a tip from NWN and Cajsa Lilliehook’s advice to me, I added a photo with the credits finally. Still figuring out how best to do it! LMK!