New takes getting used to

DeuxLooks - new takes getting used to

New sometimes takes some getting used to. Rarely do I make a full switch to a new head. Most often, I go back to Simone (aka “me” in avatar form). But, I love the new heads from LeLutka although it’s going to take some time to find a shape that feels like me – and a style that suits each head. There are three, as you know by now.

DeuxLooks - new takes getting used to

This is “Piper” – the one head I didn’t think I would like, ended up being the one I’m starting with. Go figure. There’s no sense in me reviewing the actual head shapes for you – because those are so variable. But of course, the functionality and natural movement of the heads is second to not a single other on the grid IMO.

I’ll be working on this shape – oy, yes, I did something weird to the nose, lol – for this and the other new heads soon.