MIX: I don’t need a reason…

…but I am glad there is one.

i dont need a reason2

I don’t need a reason to visit my favorite brands’ main stores tbh. It’s still weird to me that it’s now so novel to actually TP around and enjoy the spaces that my favorite artists have created. I like MIX because it’s very specifically not a destination event. Instead, it’s designed to get people back into the main stores of their favorite businesses – and discover NEW brands to love. Pick up October’s HUD here.

i don't need a reason - DeuxLooks

Every few weeks, I open up my inventory and go to my “favorites” folder. Then I TP around to all the shops to see what’s new and to just have actual shopping time. Visiting a favorite can often lead to a new favorite. Like IRL, I don’t particularly like department stores (unless it’s Bergdorfs ^^). I much prefer a stretch of retail that I can browse through at my leisure – not in some allotted time, like a race. It feels like a race sometimes.

i don't need a reason - DeuxLooks

I wonder if the pendulum will swing the other way again and go back to the days of just SL shopping. I have almost been back a year now and it can feel a bit like a treadmill if you let it. I hope MIX is being successful and that people are rediscovering a fun way to shop. Please keep doing what you’re doing, MIX organizers and designers!

  • Skin: Belleza Beth 01 (various tones) *discounted for MIX*
  • Cheeks, Beauty Marks: Tuli
  • Lashes: Izzie’s
  • Eyes: [Buzz]


  • Hair: Wasabi Pills Faith (black coffee) *new @ Fameshed*
  • Necklace: Fishy Strawberry Sissi Necklace *new for MIX*
  • Ear Cuffs: Fishy Strawberry Sissi Ear Cuffs *new for MIX*
  • Dress: Neve Acute (neutrals) *new for MIX*
  • Heels: Rebel Gal Janis Platform (sky – Maitreya)


  • Body: Belleza Isis
  • Hair: Mithral Orichalcum (blondes) *new for MIX*
  • Dress/scarf: Neve Embrace (neutrals) *new for MIX*
  • Boots: JD Polo (earth – Isis) *new @ Fameshed*
  • Bag: Zenith Tassle Bag


  • Hair: Elikatira Claudette *new @ Fameshed*
  • Lingerie: Luxuria Sakura Black and Aqua Blue *new for MIX*
  • Necklace: Cae Charmed Necklace Elegance *new for MIX*