LeLutka Evolution: First Impression

DeuxLooks - first impressions

This is my first impression of the new line of Evolution heads from LeLutka – Nova, specifically. If you read my earlier post, I was going to wait on these heads until I had a better understanding of the approach. So, after some playing around with the HUD and features, here’s where I have landed after purchase. I would expect that – like with all new things – the line will grow on me as they release more heads and as I learn how to use BoM in a new way. Beware, this post is long AF.

The Good

  • I am a huge fan of BoM overall, so this line suits really me. I am really enjoying using BoM on my LeLutka Korina head, especially using older system skin inventory, which is like discovering old treasures. Evolution seems like a different approach but I do like the idea of a line of heads that is specifically for BoM. Yay!
  • The HUD is actually much more detailed than any other head line from LeLutka (or any other creator for that matter). It’s exceptional, although I am still partial to the 3.4 one, which includes better animations for me. But let me save that for later.
  • The heads are – as always – masterfully made. There is absolutely no comparison to any other head system in SL. Even if you don’t wear LeLutka heads regularly, you have to appreciate the sophisticated product. It’s like the “Ferrari” of mesh head systems and you instantly experience the care that clearly went into the system design.
  • The included eyebrow tattoos are awesome and since they are layers, you can use them with any skin or head. I <3 big bushy brows. Welcome back, beauties!
DeuxLooks - first impressions

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