July Powder Pack for LeLutka

DeuxLooks - july powder pack for LeLutka

It’s one of my favorite things in Second Life beauty: Powder Pack LeLutka delivery day! Did it come through for me this round? Welllllllll….

What’s in the box?

Yes, mostly. I think I am spoiled by all my IRL makeup hauls with beautiful summer palettes (today one of the most anticipated palettes of the whole year launched!). I am a huge makeup collector so I covet the whole unpacking, swatching and try-on experience IRL. But even in Second Life, cosmetics can still be satisfying and many of the brand participants for this summer-themed LeLutka Powder Pack did not disappoint. The reveal of each package is always especially fun for me (I love the packaging and care about thoughtful branding!).

DeuxLooks - july powder pack for LeLutka

My favorites are from Amara Beauty and Essences, both which provided beautiful skins with all body appliers; Euphoric with truly exceptional lip stains; and alaskametro and my all time fave Studio Exposure with some special eye and lip looks. Also, speaking of alaskametro, my “Gigi” lingerie is applier-based and delicately beautiful <3. It also happens to be one of my two IRL nicknames.

You can pick up the new LeLutka Powder Pack (at a higher price than pre-orders) in world. There are supposed to be 12 creators for the box but as of my unboxing and blogging, Mai Bilavio was still absent. And now more than 24 hours after the box’s release – still nothing from Mai Bilavio…


  • Poses: Bauhaus Movement
  • Head: LeLutka Simone
  • Skins: Amara Beauty and Essences *July Powder Pack for LeLutka*
  • Eyes: Euphoric
  • Eyeshadows and lip glosses: All new in *July Powder Pack for LeLutka*
  • Hairbase: Tableau Vivant
  • Bun & Flowers: S.E BUN RED CARPET VERS.01 *@Kustom9*note, the pack is for Catwa heads. This is only the bun add-on.
  • Earrings: Amala – The Abigail Earrings
  • Lingerie: alaskametro GiGi lingerie *@Anybody*