Hair Fair 2019 Haul Pt III

DeuxLooks - hair fair haul continues

I’m still working on my Hair Fair 2019 haul as you can see. Here’s another one of my favorites – this time from Baiastice. This brand has put out some of the absolutely most spectacular historically significant offerings at Hair Fair – inspirational and gilded. If I were a more adventurous stylist today, I would attempt to work with more of them. Instead, I went with a floral feeling inspired by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo using more inventory from the newest LeLutka Powder Pack.

Speaking of Powder Pack, I am really enjoying this LeLutka round. Great eye selection from Euphoric (my favorite atm) and this skin from Go&See in the “Witchy” tone. I think it’s quite pretty with added makeups from Adored (again). I am almost don’t miss the failed 12th contributor. This round is *mwahh* chef’s kiss good!