Some Disenchanted Evening

Disenchanted isn’t a word I use often when it comes to fun things like fashion and beauty. But disenchanted is how I have been feeling despite there being some really good new releases around. I have been gobbling them all up but then, I’m unable to really be happy about how they come together for blogging. I think I need a whole bunch of new hairs/skins to help me out maybe?

DeuxLooks - some disenchanted evening

Luxe Box came out yesterday and … it was a box of mostly misses for me. This sometimes happens and it’s not at all a reflection on the quality of the items in the Box (which are great – Foxes released their fix). It’s a reflection of where my style maps to what was inside. Outside of this dress from Jeune by Rowne (and the greenhouse from Tarte), nothing else really got me all that excited from a style perspective :/ Similarly, I probably have 50 items in my “to blog” folder but I am slow to blog.

DeuxLooks - some disenchanted evening

Luckily, Hair Fair is coming up and I am really excited to preview all the new styles coming out. That should do the trick! Please bear with me!


  • Skin: ItGirls Mila (summer)
  • Hair: TRUTH / Ambriel *new VIP*
  • Earrings: MINIMAL – Fantine Earring *Golden* Coral
  • Dress: Jeune by Rowne.Zoe Strap Dress – Deluxe.Maitreya *Luxe Box June*
  • Clutch: Bleich – Veleno Bag – Sunset Dragon [Clutch / Pose]
  • Heels: #EMPIRE – Bouvardia – Maitreya *Materials* *new*