While I wait for Windows 10 to download…

As I wait for Windows 10 to finish its massive, gargantuan download, I bring you some items that make me happy in Second Life.

while i wait - DeuxLooks

First, I’ll mention that ELIKA is back \o/ and she is releasing new hair later today at Fameshed. Felicity (does anyone remember this show? I was addicted to it) is – of course – soooo pretty and natural, and flowey and other hyperbolic things!  Enjoy the newness and rejoice because my fave hairmesiter is back! The appliers I am showing on my Catwa Aisha head are from Bold & Beauty. Available at Shiny Shabby, the Natasha appliers are super pretty IMO and if you like them in the fairer tones, the issues with the Maitreya body appliers won’t be as noticeable. Of course, if you use PS you can just fix the issues in your photos…which I don’t *kappa*. In my other look, I am showing the same appliers on my Gwen head, so you can see what they look like on multiples. My other hat/hair is from Truth @Uber and I love this style because I wear hats all the time IRL and very often, just like this with my pony tail tucked under, like yesterday. /flex

while i wait - DeuxLooks

The Arcade opens today and in typical Gillian style, I will be taking my time in visiting – if I even go. Gacha is the devil as far as I am concerned 😀 I’ll be checking out Fameshed though, for sure.

while i wait - DeuxLooks


  • Head: Catwa Aisha
  • Head: Catwa Gwen
  • Applier: Bold & Beauty Natasha *@Shiny Shabby*
  • Lipstick: Bold & Beauty Makeups
  • Lashes: Catwa gift HUD


  • Hair: Elikatira Felicity *@Fameshed* (soon)
  • Blouse: Amitomo A feel of Spring #14 *@Sanarae*
  • Shorts: Amitomo A feel of Spring #5 *@Sanarae*
  • Sandals: ISON Laced Up Gladiator Sandals (nude – Maitreya)


  • Hat/Hair: Truth Elira *@Uber*
  • Necklace: Baiastice Lilium Necklace (golden) *@Uber*
  • Tank: Emery Aldridge Top (navy – Maitreya) *@Uber*
  • Skirt: Emery Kim Skirt (blue – Maitreya) *@Uber*
  • Sandals: ISON Badland Heels (nude – Maitreya) *@Uber*
  • Bag: C’est la vie Phyllis bag