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I coveted this hat from the moment I saw it. The perfect cloche ladies hat in a delicate cream. I am a diehard Downton Abbey fan, so this was not an option not to have. I miss Sybil :/ I did not style it in period 1920s obviously. And normally you would see a tighter hair underneath, but I wanted… Read more →


I feel like a real bookworm sometimes. I’d rather get cozy with a book…than just about anything else (ok, not anything else). Today is my last day at home before braving the mountains of snow to get back into my office. It’s been so difficult to get anywhere in Boston because you can’t see around any corners, let alone share… Read more →

Oliver Twist(ed)

This outfit is slightly Oliver Twist inspired, but with a twist of red you could say. I loved the newsboy pants from Fashionably Dead and wanted to include something a little more unexpected. I dug around in my “new but not used” inventory and found this great hair from Olive, that I believe was a FLF offering around Christmas. Read more →