Rowne: Dani Meijer Mesh Head

I was on the fence about this new head from Rowne. “Dani Meijer” is available in darker tones, and while they are beautiful, I wasn’t sure how often I would wear her. However I have said that before and been very wrong, so … I am enjoying trying her out. I have been a big fan of Rowne since I returned to SL, so I appreciate the specific styles that the brand offers – from apparel to beauty.

rowne dani

Do you know who Zendaya is? Dani reminds me of her, particularly around the jaw and brow.

I think Dani is beautiful and distinct. If I passed this woman while shopping, I would take notice. Exotic beauty doesn’t even scratch the surface of describing her look IMO. She’s not like the Gillian I am used to at all, including when I wear more Eastern-inspired mesh heads. However, I really do enjoy trying all new things and Dani is exceptionally well made.

What You Get

Dani is available in 3 dark tones. Quite honestly, all three tones should be included in one purchase IMO, as the price is high. But you get your head in your chosen tone, a Beauty Book features and makeup HUD and a modifications HUD, where you can turn the blink and ears on/off, as well as turn on your neck blend, etc. You do not get any mesh body or body part appliers with your purchase at all. The cost of each tone is $3000L. You can also buy other makeup packs separately, although I think the ones included in the Beauty Book HUD are plenty to play with.

rowne dani - DeuxLooks

My Take

The Beauty Book HUD is masterful really. It includes tabs for: Features (nose shapes, beauty marks, eye color); Makeup (eye shadows, eye liners, many lip color choices, and blushes); Lashes (6 upper and 5 lower choices); Hairbase/Brows; and Emotes (8 emote choices). The clean design makes it easy to read, easy to operate and it works perfectly. I would say that if you’re looking for a head that is not applier-based (this head is not) and has everything built into 2 simple HUDs, this is a head to consider. You will pay for it, since it includes so many features and options. What it should also include are Maitreya Lara and Slink Hands/Feet mesh body appliers at the very least. Incidentally the applier skins you purchase are from Fiore and are excellent, so if you happen to enjoy hanging around naked in your skybox like me, you’ll be super pleased 😉

rowne dani hud

I find Dani’s jaw quite square from some angles, so I preferred her with longer hair to soften her face somewhat. It’s one of the features that makes her especially interesting, although in general I prefer a softer jawline.

rowne dani - DeuxLooks

As you can see, there’s a lot you can do with her look – and I am not showing most of the well done emotes here either because I don’t really use those. But I encourage you to demo and see them for yourself.

TLDR: Rowne’s Dani mesh head is beautifully constructed, and packaged thoughtfully with 2 streamlined HUDs that make it easy to create the look you want. I found the price a little high to pay 3000L per tone (with 3 available) but not too high for the overall quality. The only thing the pack is missing is standard mesh body appliers, which is important for encouraging regular use.


  • Head: Rowne Dani Mesh Head (SPF 30) *new*
  • Body: Maitreya Lara
  • Hair: Entwined Ivy
  • Hair: Rowne Natasha Bun
  • Hair: Blues Vanessa *new*
  • Earrings: PC Rococo Chandelier
  • Slip Dress: ISON Lace Slip *ISON Main Store – new for MIX*