Love is Love is Love is Love

I am going to keep this very short because I feel like fewer words better represents my headspace right now. There’s a lot going on in our world, and I find myself introspective, worried, and somewhat emotional in the wake of so much sadness. But fashion is very therapeutic for me and love is love is love!

loveisloveisloveislove - DeuxLooks

Anywayyyyyy, I have been to the new events; I have combed through many new releases; and I have even shocked myself looking at how much older inventory I’ve never worn but have wanted to blog. I decided to do something really simple and clean – even monochrome if you like. I do have a whole bunch of items that are joyful bursts of color, but they just don’t feel right for me today. Maybe tomorrow.

loveisloveisloveislove - DeuxLooks


  • Pose: Kirin *@Kustom9*
  • Head: Catwa Aisha
  • Applier: Atelier Pepe Kiana (makeup 1)
  • Hat: Reverie LA Women Venice Hat (brown)
  • Hair: Exile Morning Glory (natural fusion) *@Collabor88*
  • Scarf: C’est la vie Eulalie Collection (beige)
  • Blouse: The Secret Store Mary Pleated Shirt (milk)
  • Shorts: ISON Leather Shorts (white) *@Collabor88*
  • Flats: Empire Xylosma
  • Ring: Reverie Family Diamond Engagement Ring
  • Tote: Zenith Art Bag
  • Background: Rowne

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