Let’s Boogie

DeuxLooks - boogie

I recently watched the movie Gloria Belle, starring Julianne Moore. I loved it – but it was a bit sad too. Anyway, Gloria loves disco and somehow, there’s a bar/lounge that plays 70s disco all the time in 2019? This gorgeous dress would totally be something Gloria would wear out dancing with all the other middle aged sad people -_- From Decoy, it has all the details that we have come to expect from that brand. One of the best on the grid ever IMO.

DeuxLooks - boogie

My skin is another one from DeeTaleZ. I don’t feel as strongly about this one, but I picked it up anyway to extend my DeeTaleZ kick ever so slightly. I am definitely going back to pick up more tones of the skin I blogged here, but this one I’ll only be wearing in the European tone. It’s available at Anthem.

I’ll be back sometime over the weekend!