LeLutka Bento Heads Update: Hit or Miss?

DeuxLooks - lelutka bento heads update hit or miss?

When I saw updates had been made to just about everything on my beloved LeLutka Bento heads, I was worried. As it happens, I was right to be. The new HUD is missing one of my most used features: the eyebrows!


That means that you can no longer add those specific, gorgeous, bushy, natural brows onto skin appliers you’re already wearing. I expressed my displeasure on this decision before I tried on the new heads. It was in some ways a miscalculation IMO, given how important eyebrows are to framing the face in any life! And the built-in LeLutka brows were pretty much perfection in my book. I suppose they could sell them now.


DeuxLooks - lelutka bento heads update hit or miss?

I like most everything else about the update. The HUD is beautifully redone and modernized. It’s so slick, it’s actually stunning. The new animation options are interesting and (mostly) natural. The heads definitely look more lifelike now. With the new rigging and other things that I will never understand but are clearly different, they are remarkably realistic. I have only tried my Simone so far.

My shape definitely needs some adjustment post update. I feel like my Simone shape, which was pretty unique to me, looks more standard now. Here’s a comparison wearing the same skin (Glam Affair Eloise, Tone 6). Maybe I’m wrong but this is my first impression.

DeuxLooks - lelutka bento heads update hit or miss?

The Bottom Line

There’s almost everything to love in the update. I was – and remain – disappointed in the removal of the eyebrow section. I suspect though that it’s a HUD real estate issue, rather than a decision to remove a popular feature. I doubt they knew how popular it really was? Maybe I am way off base here but not every brand is 100% in touch with how their customers actually use their products (think Snapchat redesign, for example)…

Anyway, you’ll enjoy the updates. I am happy with them aside from the eyebrow issue!


  • Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.3 *updated*
  • Skin: Glam Affair Eloise (tone 6)
  • Hair: DOUX – Cardi Hairstyle
  • Dress: CLOE.Lexi Leather Mini.Beige [M] *@Tres Chic*
  • Rings: (Yummy) Disco Nights- Diamond – Maityrea *@Collabor88 Nov*
  • Bangles: (Yummy) Disco Nights Bangles (L) – Diamond *@Collabor88 Nov*
  • Boots: Maitreya THB – TaupeGrey Suede – Lara Mesh Body

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