How to Fatpack

DeuxLooks - how to fatpack

I feel like I should start with a meme, “I don’t always fatpack, but when I do…” I sometimes wonder what goes through creators’ minds when they price their fatpacks. The idea shouldn’t be to have customers pay for all the colors/styles. It should be to give a significant volume discount so they decide to pay the heftier price for everything, because it’s “not *that* much more expensive and of course I’ll be wearing it again in another color.” Merchandising & Marketing 101-ish.

A creator that does it right IMO is KITJA. I fatpacked both the sweater and the jeans at Kustom9 because the fatpacks were priced perfectly to entice me to see them staples for regular reuse vs. a one-color, one-wear type of item. Ka-ching! I bet many people made exactly the same calculation I did. That’s how to fatpack.


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