Hey Alice

hey alice

I have been nattering on and on about mesh heads and blah blah blah, yet I didn’t realize how much I missed Alice! And Sia! And Katra!  Also, knowing that tomorrow there is a whole new face coming out from Glam Affair that has nothing to do with mesh heads, well I knew I needed to recondition; at least until more heads are released. So I went back and reminded myself why I loved those three faces and how I still look forward to all the new ones to come.

Hey Alice2

I returned to SL around the time Sia was released I think. And Alice was the first skin after Sia that I considered “me-ish.” Then similarly, I fell in love with Katra too. I feel much the same about these faces as I did Starley’s Vogue skins way back when. Judging by this brand’s popularity, I’m not alone in my love affair ^^

If you have never tried Alice btw, you can do so on the cheap at Glam Affair for Fifty Linden Fridays!

So tomorrow,I’ll be on the hunt for another beauty to add to my GA staples. We’ll see!

  • Skins: Glam Affair Alice, Sia, Katra (all Asia tone)
  • Eyes: [Buzz]
  • Hair: [e] Hilary
  • Earrings: Erratic/aea Rose Pearl Earring
  • Wreath: [keke] Butterfly Wreath (blue and blush)
  • Dress: Zenith Rosette Dress (blue flower) *new @ Kustom9*