Genesis Lab: Melissa mesh head

Work, sashay, shante. ‘Cause everything looks good on you, supermodel.

genesis lab: melissa mesh head - DeuxLooks

I feel like I am singing that old RuPaul song when I wear the new Melissa mesh head from Genesis Lab. Supermodel-ish amirite?

genesis lab: melissa mesh head - DeuxLooks

New from Genesis Lab and available at Collabor88, where thanks to the event’s great prices, you can pick her up for less than $800L. Well worth it! There are also lip colors available for all (?) Genesis Lab 2.0 heads for $188L each. The colors included on the main HUD are more than sufficient for me, though.

genesis lab: melissa mesh head - DeuxLooks

What You Get

The Melissa mesh head, skin applier, makeup and features HUD in your chosen tone (I am wearing Cappuccino), eyelash adjuster HUD, shape (not worn), teeth, ears and eyes (not worn).

My Take

Melissa is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL face. TBH, I usually prefer more stylized heads that are interesting but still beautiful. In short, I love imperfections and Melissa is pretty much a supermodel. You can customize her makeups as well as freckles and beauty marks, allowing you to paint the head in many different, beautiful ways.

The most recent heads from Genesis Lab weren’t as interesting to me. In fact, I didn’t even play the gachas because the last several featured very wide-set eyes that I could just not get past. Melissa, on the other hand, is absolutely lovely and completely proportionate with beautiful lips and a slightly upturned nose. Genetic perfection really.

Experienced Users Recommended

Genesis Lab is known for making high quality mesh heads that are accessible to every type of customer – mesh head virgins who get their first taste from low entry gacha pulls, to professional mesh head collectors. However, there is still an inelegance to the heads that could frustrate especially new users. For example, if this is your first mesh head you’re very likely going to wonder why the lashes don’t fit the head out of the box and why the lower lashes never line up with the waterline even after adjustment. While there are less “pieces” than their used to be in the packages, these heads tend to need more futzing and more patience to figure out how to leverage the skin appliers you already have for 2.0 heads vs. ones that come directly with the heads you purchase.

My Bottom Line

Despite some of the annoyances with putting everything together, Genesis Lab continues to release mesh heads far more quickly than the rest of the market, so they’re entitled to set standards as they see fit. Melissa is a beautiful product that requires some minor assembly and that’s perfectly reasonable considering the price. Enjoy her!

  • Head: Genesis Lab Melissa *new @ Collabor88*
  • Eyes: The Skinnery
  • Hair: Lamb Banshee *new @ Collabor88*
  • Necklace: Yummy Celestial Necklace Burst (silver)
  • Jumpsuit: Pixicat Chic Jumpsuit (pink)










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