Do you like my huge hair?

DeuxLooks - how do you like my huge hair

For some time, I have had issues with Tram hair – no style options, no ability to resize. Then BOOM, we have both all at once! But while I love Tram’s new, casual updo and you can finally resize it (which for me, means I can wear this brand for teeny tiny heads again), adding only 3% on the XYZ stretch makes it fit like a GIANT salad bow. However, from the front it looks fine so let’s just use this one snapshot.

I’m wearing a new outfit from David Heather that has somewhat misplaced (on my shape) details like nipples in the wrong place and a collapsed tummy area with massive ribs. I demo’d it, liked it, and bought it anyway because I was feeling really monochrome and I thought I would wear it in the beige color, when of course, I actually decided to go tropical in December?

I realize this is a random post. I have been thinking about my Best of 2019 post (or worst of 2019 – depending on my mood). I will do it soon but I can’t say 100% when yet.