Coat Tales

DeuxLooks - coat tales

Talk about coat tales, this coat from ryvolter, was one of the few winners at Uber for me. I picked up several colors to add to my collection of layering pieces in Second Life; something that is way harder here than it is IRL. Incidentally, this coat comes with 3 different options in “fur” color – but instead of being HUD-enabled, there are 3 coats for every body type in your pack. Not sure why that was a preferable option? Inventory size anxiety is real! #SLProblems.

Much of the rest of my style is older inventory – not too old though – that I keep with the specific directive of wearing it again (and again and again).

And yes, you’ll note that I moved down from my blogging platform – which I don’t do often – to my land to blog this look. Autumn always inspires me IRL and this pose set with flying leaves from Amitie inspired me in SL this time.