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Blogging In

What’s new with you all? I haven’t had much time to blog in – you know, log in and blog. And that won’t really change for a while, as I am traveling 2 out of the next 3 weeks! Anyway, I’m finally blogging part of my haul from this month’s Collabor88. I found a few items that add a lot to my mix and match collection, including fatpacking this versatile blazer from (fd). Such a good price for a staple that can be used in a million ways. Meanwhile…

LeLutka Evolution: My Take

I have been receiving messages about the new LeLutka Heads – from the very innovative Evolution line. “What do I think?” and “Which head did I pick?” I’m – as ever – a tried and true LeLutka bot and have been for a very, very long time. However for me, I am confused by this launch – especially as I was already very new to BoM in SL and just dipping my digital toe in. So when I saw the newness, my first thought was, “what do I do with all my other LeLutka appliers?” I have hundreds of them.

On the other hand, have you seen all the photos from Grazia? Beautiful! Makes me want to figure it all out tbh.

I’m not panicking because the truth is, I haven’t been able to spend a ton of time investigating all the details yet. I demoed both heads and was so thrown off by the changes – and the new HUD (which I do not like at all…yet) that I put them aside and said I would wait on the heads for now while I read about the logic of the approach and how this hopefully helps consumers extend our collections – not remake them. There’s a lot I don’t know yet and change can be hard.

Lastly, I haven’t seen great documentation about what these changes mean for existing inventory – or the future of BoM – so if you know of any good blog posts that explain, please message me or leave a comment here. Until then, I’ll keep reading when I have the time to Blog In.


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