stand still, look pretty

DeuxLooks - stand still look pretty

I was listening to this song by Daya while I styled this pretty look. Clearly my avatar is standing, so I swapped out “sit” for “stand” and yes, my avatar is really good at both. And pretty much only that.

I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say about what I’m wearing today, other than this blouse is actually sold as a dress. I am much more into it like this. And if you agree, you may have to hunt around your inventory for trousers or leggings that fit underneath, but I like the way it turned out, although it’s not a perfect fit.

My skin is new from Bold & Beauty for LeLutka. I really love it as a layer on my Korina head, as per usual. Note, you cannot demo it as a layer (so you have to guess) as the demo only includes Evolution appliers, which don’t work on older heads. Not sure why they wouldn’t include a layer in a demo too…? But here we are. At least there is a layer included in the purchase.