Snakes & Stones

DeuxLooks - snakes and stones

Like the rest of the Internet, I am 100% obsessed with Taylor Swift’s new single, You need to calm down. My favorite line: “Snakes and stones never broke my bones.” My look has nothing to do with anything remotely Swifty; it just happens to be what I have on repeat while styling and snapping this cute, beachy look.

DeuxLooks - snakes and stones

I have to mention this new hair from DOUX. There must be something different (wrong?) with this style because my avatar complexity jumps up to way over 100,000 wearing it. I only feel OK wearing it on my platform tbh. Not sure why this one is so complex compared to other DOUX hairs I own. I don’t recall if the demo had the same issue.

I leave for London this weekend and I’ll be gone a week. I likely won’t be blogging again before I go so I’ll see you in a couple weeks!


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