Severe Drought

DeuxLooks - severe drought

I didn’t want to acknowledge this but it’s gone on long enough where I can’t pretend anymore. You guys, I am sorry to report I am experiencing a severe fashion drought. There is almost nothing – seriously – that interests me from a fashion perspective in Second Life right now. It has reached critical status.

What? That’s impossible!

The drought began last month – when the only two events that produced anything substantial in terms fashion inventory growth were from Collabor88 early in the month and then Uber at the tail end. Even then, the hauls were pretty skimpy by my standards. The drought has only gotten worse from there…

Shockingly, there was nothing (zero, zilch) @Fameshed for me and almost nothing @Collabor88 (I know, this is serious) that interested me from a fashion perspective. With the exception of these gloves and shorts, the rest, I was completely MEH about. That has never happened before. Especially during an anniversary round! -_-

On the other hand, my beauty hauls are abundant and beyond healthy. There are so many great new skin releases for every head; so many exciting hair releases; and Hair Fair fast approaching!

So as a result, I am going to be blogging older inventory to match with all my beauty newness. It’s time to enjoy my collection instead of just reaching for the next event LM. Let’s maybe think of August as a beauty focused month and then the tides will turn again!


  • Poses: Bauhaus Movement *new ones @TLC*
  • Head: LAQ Bento Rain *@Collabor88*
  • Skin: LAQ Bento Rain *@Collabor88*
  • Hair: little bones. Justice (Fitted) *@Collabor88*
  • Necklace: **RE** Kitty Pearls Necklace
  • Gloves: =Zenith=Buckle Gloves Lara *@Collabor88*
  • Tube Top: Stories&Co. Signature Tube Top – Peach / Maitreya
  • Shorts: toksik – Selva Shorts (Maitreya) (White) *@Collabor88*
  • Booties: ISON – sadie cutout bootie -maitreya- (all colors)

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