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I know, I normally blog with a plain, neutral background. I’m not a particularly talented photographer/editor so it’s always better for me to show the clothes/skins/hairs with a blank canvas. After all, I am not the product.

Today though, I ventured off my blogging platform and down onto my actual land in Second Life. Although I do not “live” a second life in any way (anymore), I do very much enjoy fashion (obviously) and decorating, in both lives. So, I took my avatar down into my SL garden to really let my rustic outfit shine. Incidentally, I also have a large, fully decorated house (with a lot of cats, lol) that I love to tinker with. If I could recreate this exact house IRL, I absolutely would.

October is a *really* busy month for me IRL. I am traveling every single weekend except for one. I will get as much blogging in as I can, but I don’t expect it to be frequent!


  • Head: LAQ Rebel
  • Skin: LAQ Athena
  • Eyes: [Buzz] Glacier Eyes Coyote
  • Hair/Hat: white river co. – NTS Hair *new*
  • Sweater/Skirt: =Zenith=Sweater with Long jean skirt (Sea) -Maitreya
  • Boots/socks: =Zenith=autumn leather short boots with socks (Begie)-Maitreya

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