DeuxLooks - meltdown

This is my avatar in meltdown mode. Fully melting down from heat and humidity, but she always looks comfortable. This week, I’m especially thankful for AC, sundresses and ice cream. IRL and SL. Needless to say, I do NOT look as cool and comfy IRL.

There’s something to be said for a simple sundress and a high bun on a hot day. Or maybe there’s not much to be said other than, “perfect for a meltdown.”

See you soon-ish!



DeuxLooks - tbh

tbh, this is not what was supposed to happen. I was still supposed to be gaining freckles at the beach IRL, not back in Boston yet. But here we are, and here I am, waiting for the plumber and air conditioning guys to come save me from leaks in the ceiling and no AC. So in the meantime – here I am on my avatar, showing you another very summery look, apropos the steamy weather. Summer is here! tbh, it’s just the wrong day.

I’m wearing new hair that I love from Monso (they combined browns/blondes into one pack – yay!) and a dress that’s from an earlier round of C88 I think. Bright florals aren’t something I normally wear, but I actually really love this whole pretty look. It almost looks comfortable tbh.

Lastly, I would avoid the Zenith Gacha at K9 unless you want 12 pairs of “platform sandals” but tbh YMMV!


you might miss me

DeuxLooks - you might miss me

You might miss me for the next several weeks as I take time to see my parents and stay with them for a bit, working from their home instead of mine in Boston. I won’t be able to play dress up and I will miss it! But hopefully, I’ll be back and hopefully Second Life creators will find other things to make that don’t include bicycle shorts and thongs – in one style 😉

Back soon-ish


stand still, look pretty

DeuxLooks - stand still look pretty

I was listening to this song by Daya while I styled this pretty look. Clearly my avatar is standing, so I swapped out “sit” for “stand” and yes, my avatar is really good at both. And pretty much only that.

I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say about what I’m wearing today, other than this blouse is actually sold as a dress. I am much more into it like this. And if you agree, you may have to hunt around your inventory for trousers or leggings that fit underneath, but I like the way it turned out, although it’s not a perfect fit.

My skin is new from Bold & Beauty for LeLutka. I really love it as a layer on my Korina head, as per usual. Note, you cannot demo it as a layer (so you have to guess) as the demo only includes Evolution appliers, which don’t work on older heads. Not sure why they wouldn’t include a layer in a demo too…? But here we are. At least there is a layer included in the purchase.