Ribbons and Pearls

DeuxLooks - ribbons and pearls

I am starting out this back-to-work Monday in a completely non-work appropriate dress. It’s opposite day in my world!

DeuxLooks - ribbons and pearls

A couple notes you may care about:

  • There was no demo for this dress when I visited The Trunk Show. Hopefully there is now. Definitely demo! This dress doesn’t “move” very well and is really best suited for still poses IMO. It’s also not a great fit in the straps area (as you can see), even though it’s rigged for Maitreya Lara. YMMV. I loved the ribbons and unique “cut” so I took a chance.
  • Also, I do not think any of this jewelry is available anymore. It’s from Paper Couture, which as far as I know, is only available on Marketplace and I don’t know about the jewels. You can check there. I will never (ever) delete anything from certain creators – and PC is clearly one.

Have a great week!


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Take time out

DeuxLooks - take a timeout

I always have to remind myself to take time out. Or take A time out. Or whatever the directive is to stop (collaborate…) and just be still. This week in Nashville reminded me to do that. It was heavenly honestly.

I just returned from visiting my new horse for the first time (it’s a long story; he is a rescue). He lives on what can only be described as a farm out of a Disney movie. It’s brimming with peacocks, geese, barn cats, tame turkey vultures (seriously) and of course, horses. It was transformative for my heart and soul.

New Skin Applier from Pink Fuel

In Second Life, I am taking time out to enjoy this new skin from Mochi @Pink Fuel for LeLutka heads. This tone said “late summer” and “get your last licks in now” to me. September is right around the corner so it’s now or never. The price is lower than usual for a limited time so if you like it, go and demo asap. With all the options you get (like the makeups I am showing here, which are dreamy), it’s a good deal and I would do so before it goes back up to its normal price of $1350L (which is too steep IMO).


ps – I expected to haul a TON of new LeLutka appliers from Kustom9 because there were so many \o/. Surprisingly I didn’t get a single one 😮 That might mean I really have shifted my preferences for heads for the time being. And no, I also didn’t buy anything from there at all. The drought continues unabated 😮

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My Monday

DeuxLooks - my monday

My Monday this week kicks off a fun mini vacation. I am off to Nashville Tennessee to visit my horse who lives in a nearby town – as well as many friends who I only get to see a couple times a year. I am sooo excited but not so excited to have to pack and clean the house before I go! I’ll make this super quick.

I’m very casual today and still wearing the new Rain skin from LAQ but this time on my Rebel head (my fave) which I think I prefer. The eyebrows are stronk. I <3.

Nerd rage

My hair is new but annoyingly, when I went to purchase the brunette pack, it delivered the fades pack. Then what can only be described as nerd rage, I purchased the Fades pack hoping it would deliver the brunette pack. Needless to say, it did not -_- To add insult to injury, the creator apparently doesn’t answer IMs personally and customer service has to be handled through a list of people (but don’t send your issue to all of them…or else, the instructions warn). Meh, I’m moving on. I’m wearing it here only because I liked the ribbon (which yes, I left untextured white in protest). Be sure you’re up for some backflipping to actually get what you purchased. Hopefully the issue is fixed by the time you get there!

Have a great week and I’ll be back soon-ish.


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Severe Drought

DeuxLooks - severe drought

I didn’t want to acknowledge this but it’s gone on long enough where I can’t pretend anymore. You guys, I am sorry to report I am experiencing a severe fashion drought. There is almost nothing – seriously – that interests me from a fashion perspective in Second Life right now. It has reached critical status.

What? That’s impossible!

The drought began last month – when the only two events that produced anything substantial in terms fashion inventory growth were from Collabor88 early in the month and then Uber at the tail end. Even then, the hauls were pretty skimpy by my standards. The drought has only gotten worse from there…

Shockingly, there was nothing (zero, zilch) @Fameshed for me and almost nothing @Collabor88 (I know, this is serious) that interested me from a fashion perspective. With the exception of these gloves and shorts, the rest, I was completely MEH about. That has never happened before. Especially during an anniversary round! -_-

On the other hand, my beauty hauls are abundant and beyond healthy. There are so many great new skin releases for every head; so many exciting hair releases; and Hair Fair fast approaching!

So as a result, I am going to be blogging older inventory to match with all my beauty newness. It’s time to enjoy my collection instead of just reaching for the next event LM. Let’s maybe think of August as a beauty focused month and then the tides will turn again!


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