Pretty basic

DeuxLooks - pretty basic

It doesn’t get more basic than jeans and a sweater. I have very little to say about the look. Pretty basic. Basically pretty. I am wearing another very old system skin on my LeLutka head. The fun with BoM continues!

On the other hand…here’s something weird

On the other hand, I have a lot to say about what seems like an odd decision to no longer include demos as part of new skin offerings? My comments about the action were removed from the post (and the post is now gone too) so I never got any follow up. Is it because of content theft? Is it a ton of extra work? I don’t know a single person who would buy a skin from a creator without being able to try it on their head/shape. But you might. And if you do, let me know!

At any rate, though I find it weird (not to mention a bad decision from a business perspective), creators are the sole proprietors of their content and they can do whatever they think is best. In this case, I just don’t get it.


The way way back

DeuxLooks - the way way back
The way way back

Since I started getting into the BoM way of things, I started going through my remaining system skins from when I first came back to SL. Mostly, I held onto inventory from The Skinnery and now extinct brands like Tuli and Birdy.

I’m so glad I didn’t declutter them all! Here, I am wearing a skin from the way way back of my collection – Blair, system skin from The Skinnery. It was my absolute favorite skin in my entire inventory – and NOTHING ever took its place in my collection as we moved to mesh heads. I mean nothing. I must have blogged it dozens of times.

DeuxLooks - the way way back
The Skinnery system skin

I am sure opinions will vary on how this old skin looks on my LeLutka mesh head – but I am absolutely delighted. It has that kind of off-center beauty that I favor. Less airbrushed and more stylized. I know this would likely not make a popular applier these days, but I just adore it. I am looking forward to trying other old skins today.


Bakes on Mesh

Took you long enough!

DeuxLooks - took you long enough

I’m late to the BoM train. I updated my viewer months ago but I didn’t actually start to use BoM until…yesterday. Am I the only one who finds it annoying to be adding so much bulk back to my inventory with all the layers on top of all the appliers??? I suppose it’s worth the trade off considering how much flexibility we have back – like the old days. I know, I know, “took you long enough” to realize the benefits!

I am wearing BoM skin, lipstick, eye makeups, eyebrows, and blush. Most importantly, I didn’t have to think a second about how to juggle all the different slots to put them on as I often do. It’s so nice to be able to do this again!

But I still don’t like the inventory bloat.


Just this one time

DeuxLooks - just this one time

I was supposed to be down in Nashville visiting friends and one of my horses who is retired there. But mother nature had other plans. Snow this early in Boston is an ominous sign of the winter to come. Brrrr.

Anyway, instead, I am styling in SL and picking up some great items while I’m at it. A couple of notes about what I’m wearing:

  • I do not normally wear shoes by Essenz. Not because the quality isn’t good (they’re always well made) but because the creator doesn’t include a texture indicating what the shoe actually is. For collectors like me, this is a cardinal sin. I can’t reuse inventory if it’s not clear what it is. So I stopped buying. Until these booties. I love them. Just this one time. Grrrr.
  • I fatpacked this skirt and cropped turteneck from (fd). The skirt is a modified version of an existing (fd) skirt that was released a couple of years ago. I consider both pieces to be staples and it was actually cheaper to get the fatpack vs all the colors I was interested in. Remember when (fd) didn’t always include fatpacks as options? I am so glad that has mostly changed now. Thanks, Toast!
  • I am wearing the same new Truth hair again. But now with so many style options, it’s like wearing a wholly new item. I love it.
  • I am using a bag by David Heather that I got for 75% off thanks to the sale. <3
  • I am wearing The Skinnery Rinah skin again – this time in a much deeper tone. It’s absolutely positively one of my favorite new LeLutka skins in some time.
  • You can find the rest of the credits in their usual place.