DeuxLooks - thora

I fell in love with the new Thora skin from Glam Affair when I saw it come up on my Flickr feed. I will admit, it looks far better in the ad on the LeLutka Evolution head than it does here on my avatar. But you get the idea. I am using Thora on my beloved Korina head, with added layers of lip gloss, freckles and moles. Although there is an applier in the pack (which is…still confusing)…I am only using the layer options. Twice the inventory bloat! -_-

DeuxLooks - thora

Outfit-wise, I went for a mono black look with shiny boots and a dollop of cream with a new bag. I think this is supposed to be a SL reproduction of the classic double by Channel. Personally, I like “inspired by” things in SL but prefer when the RL designs are credited. Either way, I have found that some of the absolute best constructed bags in all of SL are from ryvolter.


Hello, it’s me

DeuxLooks - hello its me

Hello, it’s me. I’m back. In my Korina head, I mean. I promise I’ll work on my shape for the Evolution heads but for now, I strongly prefer this. I look forward to new releases for the Evolution head soon and of course, I am fully aboard the BoM train now.

In the meantime, the skin I am wearing is actually for the Evolution line – but I am wearing it on my Korina 3.4 head. It’s a 2020 gift from Glam Affair. Simple, pretty. Thank you!

My “new” hair is literally the same as this one, previously released. But a straight style instead of soft curls. I like it just as much this time as I did the first time…

That’s all for now. I’ll be back <3


LeLutka First Impression

LeLutka Evolution: First Impression

DeuxLooks - first impressions

This is my first impression of the new line of Evolution heads from LeLutka – Nova, specifically. If you read my earlier post, I was going to wait on these heads until I had a better understanding of the approach. So, after some playing around with the HUD and features, here’s where I have landed after purchase. I would expect that – like with all new things – the line will grow on me as they release more heads and as I learn how to use BoM in a new way. Beware, this post is long AF.

The Good

  • I am a huge fan of BoM overall, so this line suits really me. I am really enjoying using BoM on my LeLutka Korina head, especially using older system skin inventory, which is like discovering old treasures. Evolution seems like a different approach but I do like the idea of a line of heads that is specifically for BoM. Yay!
  • The HUD is actually much more detailed than any other head line from LeLutka (or any other creator for that matter). It’s exceptional, although I am still partial to the 3.4 one, which includes better animations for me. But let me save that for later.
  • The heads are – as always – masterfully made. There is absolutely no comparison to any other head system in SL. Even if you don’t wear LeLutka heads regularly, you have to appreciate the sophisticated product. It’s like the “Ferrari” of mesh head systems and you instantly experience the care that clearly went into the system design.
  • The included eyebrow tattoos are awesome and since they are layers, you can use them with any skin or head. I <3 big bushy brows. Welcome back, beauties!
DeuxLooks - first impressions

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Winter White

DeuxLooks - winter white
winter white

Yesterday IRL I wore my typical “uniform” that often includes a navy sweater and white jeans. I didn’t know it was still a “thing” not to wear white after Labor Day but several people commented (/rolleyes). To be clear, it doesn’t matter if it’s January or June, white is always in season for me.

This look took some time to put together because I was determined not to wear a half-shirt or crop of any kind with this new skirt (that I fatpacked, ofc) from ISON. Good thing I organize my inventory by Creator and then Item Type, because I can scoot through (relatively speaking) and find what I am looking for much more quickly.