One last look

Skin Fair 2020 – one last look

Here’s one last look. For Skin Fair that is. Today is the last day you can take advantage of all the Skin Fair exclusives, so make sure you get in your last licks. For mine, I chose this pretty skin from Deetalez – Flora. Once again, I am wearing Flora on my Korina LeLutka head as a BoM layer.

DeuxLooks - one last look
one last look

Elsewhere, I was smitten with this pretty organza corset dress from Rowne. It’s available at Uber and was just about the only thing I picked up – in addition to these heels from Baiastice in a couple colors, and this jewelry set from Kunst. I’m just not finding a lot that inspires me in SL fashion lately. Maybe it’s because everything IRL is so utterly f’d? Hopefully this too shall pass.

Unrelated: Any news on if/when older LeLutka heads will be upgraded to Evolution? I really only care from a makeup perspective. I’d like to be able to use the new HD technology too.


Mon Trésor

DeuxLooks - mon tresor

My next Skin Fair treasure is from Egozy, a brand I don’t think I have worn since last Skin Fair when I was mostly still wearing Genus (until Korina arrived at that very same event <3)! I love everything I have picked up so far at Skin Fair but this one is especially special. Note that the eyebrows here are also new at Skin Fair, from my faves [SB] – or Simple Bloom. While I definitely favor a fuller brow, these are a good in-between.

I still have some heads to try (for example the new Genus shape – and maybe even something from Akeruka, which I don’t think I have ever tried). Now that my gym is closed, I should have more time in the evenings to do some different head demos (or murder someone IRL, which is how I feel since I don’t have my gym).

Be well, stay healthy.


Bits and Bobs

DeuxLooks - bits and bobs

I am still working my way through my Skin Fair haul (this is skin pick no 2!) and various other bits and bobs I have collected recently. I spent hours (seriously) looking for a way to style this skirt with inventory that I hadn’t worn yet … but somehow I ended up styling something that looks like it’s for an attorney heading to court in Savannah in the heat of July /facepalm

Mila – Teresa (Skin Fair 2020)

So this second skin treasure from Skin Fair 2020 is from Mila, called Teresa. I have a few other Mila skins and they all look a lot like this one, which is good because I think it’s just beautiful. Remember, Skin Fair runs through March 29. Much to see and try!

I hope you’re all staying well, being well – and hanging in there. I know I haven’t talked about what’s happening IRL because well, I get enough of that IRL.


Skin Pick: Skin Fair 2020

DeuxLooks - skin pick from skin fair 2020

This is my first pick from Skin Fair 2020, 2 full sims of skins and makeups for your favorite mesh heads. I absolutely recommend you make several trips – one to get your demos; two to make first choice purchases; and three to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Skin Fair runs until March 29 and is produced by Pale Girl Productions.


DeuxLooks - skin pick from skin fair 2020

This first skin is Rina from Poema by Matilda Soon, a creator I have followed in one way or another for a really long time. Poema offers what I would call authentic, more “age appropriate” skins – among other realistic skins and cosmetics. My favorite part of Rina (in T0) are the chiseled cheekbones. A feature I desperately try for IRL by sucking in my baby fat (can I still call it that?) cheeks. I just love the look. Note that while the skin does come with eyebrows in two shades and a no brow version, I am still very much into my favorites from [SB].

I am wearing this tattoo layer on my LeLutka Korina head. I really did not like the new Evolution Lake head from LeLutka that’s available at Skin Fair and I am still not attached to my new Evolution Erin or Nova heads…so there’s that.

One note, I did not buy body appliers for this skin because I found them to be very overpriced. Instead I chose a body skin that didn’t look ridiculous and added a collar, which I then negated by choosing the first pose that very clearly shows you the neck seam -_- LOL

The rest of my outfit is listed as usual in the credits. Back soon! And I hope you all are well and are staying well.