Something Shifted

DeuxLooks - something shifted

It’s always around this time of year when something shifts and I wake up and need to add a layer as I sit by an open window. Today, something shifted and here I am, drinking my coffee with a sweater wrapped around my shoulders IRL. It’s the first signal that summer is waning and fall awaits us soon. Meh! I love Fall but I hate endings.

I had planned to blog the last bits and bobs of my Hair Fair haul – including some hairbases from LAQ where 100% of proceeds go to Wigs for Kids. But I realized the hairbases are only dark brown (oops) and didn’t go with the look I had planned. I’ll wear them soon. I also have more accessories to work into my looks the next few days and weeks. I love stocking up on hair accessories. You all know how much I wear my LaGyo head accessories and wear them ALL the time.

I’ll see you soon, hopefully with my Uber haul.


Hair Fair 2019 Haul Pt III

DeuxLooks - hair fair haul continues

I’m still working on my Hair Fair 2019 haul as you can see. Here’s another one of my favorites – this time from Baiastice. This brand has put out some of the absolutely most spectacular historically significant offerings at Hair Fair – inspirational and gilded. If I were a more adventurous stylist today, I would attempt to work with more of them. Instead, I went with a floral feeling inspired by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo using more inventory from the newest LeLutka Powder Pack.

Speaking of Powder Pack, I am really enjoying this LeLutka round. Great eye selection from Euphoric (my favorite atm) and this skin from Go&See in the “Witchy” tone. I think it’s quite pretty with added makeups from Adored (again). I am almost don’t miss the failed 12th contributor. This round is *mwahh* chef’s kiss good!


Hair Fair 2019 Haul

DeuxLooks - hair fair 2019 haul (continued)

Next up from my Hair Fair haul – a sweet, simple pixi cut from {amiable} and some of those perfect accessories I mentioned here. I splurged on the fatpack of the jeweled headbands from favorite Bauhaus Movement, but note that the pack has no identifying textures and is not HUD-driven, so you literally have no idea what each headband looks like until you put it on (or make your own labels).

DeuxLooks - hair fair 2019 haul (continued)

LeLutka Powder Pack

Other items I want to highlight are on my face – my literal LeLutka face – all from the recently released Powder Pack for LeLutka. I am in love with this new skin from amara beauty – but particularly as it looks with the new cosmetics from Adored, one of the 11 contributors to the Pack. One creator did not deliver anything to the Powder Pack, so each customer was issued a $250L gift card. Powder Pack continues to maintain its great customer service and integrity, while the creator has done damage (at least from my perspective). Well done!


Hair Fair 2019

Deux Looks - hair fair 2019
Hair Fair 2019 Favorite

For the first time in YEARS, I missed the HF2019 blogger preview due to some unexpected travel. But now that I’m back, I am going to work through my Hair Fair 2019 favorites – and tbh, it’s a bit of a different haul for me. For maybe the first time ever, I walked away with So. Many. Accessories. And not as much actual hair. Weird but wonderful!

But let me do a quick start with one of my absolute favorites – maybe even #1 favorite – from the new hair offerings available. This one from Analog Dog. This is a brand I have known forever but isn’t one I wear often or…ever (I never see the brand anywhere!). Octave is absolute perfection if you’re looking for textured curls. It literally bounces when your avatar moves. It’s just the best I saw at the whole Fair! You can find this specific style on the Noirette sim.

Don’t miss Hair Fair 2019! You can do all your pre-work with demos before you even TP over (which I highly recommend). Bring a full wallet. This is for Wigs for Kids and we know how important hair is to a person’s confidence!