Toasted Texture

DeuxLooks - toasted texture

I wanted to style this cute dress with a bunch of different textures – fur, leather, wool, – and I like how it turned out. It’s toasty and toasted for fall but not yet completely bundled up.

The dress is new from {amiable} and I found it at Tres Chic but I saw it’s also available at Access. I will say this – it would likely look better on a curvier avatar but petite avatars are digital people too ๐Ÿ˜‰

The other new items are: my hair (I will never say no to a good bun), ring (no bling, natch) and the bag with scarf (?) combination. It’s interesting and I love a new idea in accessories. There are so few great bags in SL IMO – and even fewer good ones coming out regularly. I really like the recent one I blogged here in particular. More like this, please!


A little drama

DeuxLooks - a little drama
a little drama

Today’s style includes a little drama. Thankfully only from a fashion perspective. I’m still on a limited red kick and have been adding fall-friendly brick red items to my collection. This dress – with such a pretty structured bodice – is courtesy of Valentina E. I so enjoy this silhouette and it’s pretty rare in Second Life, where “clubwear” is the norm…4ever apparently. And by clubwear, I really mean something else -_-

My hair is one of the very few things I hauled from Collabor88. Is Halloween fashion in SL dead? I’m sure it’s not. It’s probably just dead for me since I am 10+ years older than when I first enjoyed Halloween in SL! I’m only here for the early bird special these days apparently ๐Ÿ˜€

Be back soon!



DeuxLooks - leaflike

In Boston the leaves have just started to turn. This is the most beautiful month of the season (when it’s not raining, of course). I’m wearing a leaflike combination of new inventory and some very favorite pieces that I already had in my collection, as usual. Note that it only took me a month to wear and blog this hair from Tram, which was at last month’s Collabor88. And here we are, October 8 again.

These boots are the same ones I wore numerous times in a row last year on my blog. They will never be de-cluttered.



DeuxLooks - jeweled

Fall is one of the only times you’ll see me dipping into red from time to time. From now through the New Year, it’s a color I will sample here and there just to switch things up. The truth is, IRL, it’s not a color that exists beyond accessories in my closet. Today, I’m styling a host of jewels and jewel tones. The decolletage decoration is new and I thought, really interesting. I couldn’t resist the red option here.

DeuxLooks - jeweled

Extending my red run is this new jumpsuit by Thalia Heckroth. This is only available for the Maitreya body – but I just love the “fabric” and color options. The details – the zip up the back especially – are lovely. As soon as I saw it I knew I would style it with “fur” and bold, jewel toned makeup. I really love the whole style and covet it for my IRL closet, particularly the stole, faux, bien sรปr!

All my credits are in the usual place.